How to identify the superiority of cannabis flowers


Being a newbie to the cannabis industry, you may find it hard to differentiate between good and bad weed. The market has a diversity of online and offline retailers or brands presenting their products to be superior to the others. The comprehensive option range makes it more complex to choose and identify the difference between superior or inferior weed buds. 

However, finding high-quality cannabis flower is not complicated if you are familiar with the properties of premium weed. When you step into a cannabis dispensary in Toronto, here are some tricks you need to use to figure out the best flower buds in the store.

5 signs of high-quality cannabis flowers

Fragrance: the distinct aroma of bad and good buds

A cannabis flower cultivated with high-standard practices will produce a pleasant and intense aroma. It is one of the most significant indicators for identifying the quality of the weed. The superior flowers emit a powerful odour. Various terms are used to indicate the fragrance of a good-quality flower. Diesel, pine and skunk are some of the well-known names given to the flower’s aroma.

On the other hand, a poor-quality cannabis flower may have a quirky fragrance. The bottom shelf buds have a musty aroma that may determine the expired or inferior cannabis. Poor quality cannabis is produced merely when inferior cultivation methods are used, the flowers’ shelf life ends or several other reasons.

Appearance: how does superior and inferior cannabis look like

You can examine if the cannabis flowers are top-shelf by looking at some of the visual indicators. A fresh and healthy cannabis flower is rich in vibrant colours. The flowers are green in colour, having light orange or red fur on the surface. Another essential indicator of the buds’ superiority is the plant’s trichomes. They are responsible for producing the flowers’ effectiveness, taste and fragrance. If they are clearly visible to the naked eye, it is an indication of the high quality of the cannabis flower having rich therapeutic and intoxicating potency.

In contrast, The low-shelf cannabis flowers may have faded colours and damaged seeds or stem parts. This inferiority may be a result of excessive pesticides or chemical use. Most cannabis flowers have a shelf life of about a year; if it surpasses, the flowers may start turning to an amber colour.

When you look for the Best Dispensary in Toronto, Brampton and other cities in Canada, you must look at this indicator to find the suitable weed.

Feel: Touch and know the quality

When you touch or squeeze a high-quality cannabis flower, it may feel sticky or gummy to your hands. The flower easily breaks apart, having a little moisture in the buds. However, the moisture must be of a low extent that does not produce mildew in flowers.

Talking about the feel of poor-quality cannabis flowers, they are extremely dry and brittle. This can be sensed easily upon touching the buds. The leaves are loose and easy to take apart. Many Weed Store Toronto may swindle customers by selling poor cannabis buds; you can neglect this situation if you are familiar with these aspects. Moreover, the over-moisturized buds are also inferior in quality and may not provide the expected results. 

Final thoughts

The rising popularity of cannabis among the masses is motivating more and more sellers to start selling the weed. It does not matter if a cannabis dispensary in Toronto is offering cannabis at high prices, presenting it as a high-quality weed. The price tag cannot indicate the actual quality of the cannabis flowers. Therefore, you must look upon the above-mentioned tricks to disclose if the cannabis flowers are superior or not.