How to find a Cancer surgeon in Delhi and Gurgaon?

Cancer surgeon

You must select a doctor to oversee your cancer care after being diagnosed. You can choose between sticking with the oncologist who diagnosed your cancer and finding a different physician. This doctor is frequently an oncologist. Oncologists are doctors that specialise in cancer treatment.

Finding a cancer surgeon in Delhi and Gurgaon is difficult because there are many qualified doctors in these cities. When choosing the finest surgeon, keep the following considerations in mind.

Ask your primary care physician or family physician for recommendations on cancer surgeons in Delhi and Gurgaon. You can also depend on your health insurance provider or the hospitals in the area. Patient advocacy groups can occasionally be a good resource for experts in a particular field. Family and friends in Delhi and Gurgaon can also be great sources for recommendations on local medical professionals and to discuss your options.

Gather a few names of potential doctors to start. These can be useful if you want a second or third medical opinion before selecting an oncologist and beginning treatment. Get additional information on getting a second opinion.

How do I pick a cancer doctor?

Choosing an oncologist/cancer surgeon in Delhi and Gurgaon can be challenging, even from a list of a few names. During this difficult moment, you could feel like you don’t know how to choose between several options. Start by compiling crucial details about each physician. You can do this by online searching for each doctor’s name or by dialling their office phone number. Many oncologists on their cancer centre or practice website provide a bio about their training and helpful information like office hours, practice locations, and other specifics.

Here are some questions to ask throughout your research and to assist you in making a decision when you first meet with a possible oncologist:

How have you found cancer treatments? Ask about his experience and practice before deciding to work with a particular doctor for your cancer care, such as: Do you have a diploma in oncology? A board certificate denotes success on a challenging test in cancer therapy.

How much time have you spent working in this area?

How many people did you successfully treat?

How many cancer patients in this stage do you treat each year?

Depending on your treatment strategy, you might require a medical, surgical, and radiation oncologist. It is because cancer treatment frequently entails a variety of therapeutic modalities, including medication, surgery, and radiation therapy. More than one cancer surgeon or professional may be involved in your care.

Accept my insurance, do you?

Some insurance policies include a cap on the number of surgeons you can consult without paying extra. That is, they accept your insurance.

What rules govern your workplace? Knowing the doctor’s office’s opening hours, whether there are different locations, and how to reach the doctor after regular business hours, such as on the weekends or in the evenings, might be helpful. It can also be a chance to learn about exclusive patient services, including transportation to and from the hospital, subsidised parking, and reserved parking. Learn more about the inquiries you should make before scheduling a meeting.


To sum up, this post provided help to select a cancer surgeon in Delhi or Gurgaon to oversee your cancer care after being diagnosed with cancer. It also helped to get additional information on earning a second opinion.