How Should You Smartly Perform at ACT Test 


The ACT is quite different from the tests you take in school, so make sure you approach it differently too. The simple strategies that the post is going to share with you are tailor-made for the ACT and come from some of the proven test-cracking methods.  Of course, even if you are taking up act class for your prep, these strategies and tips will come handy for you. The point is whether you are preparing at home or taking professional help; having proper strategies in mind can be game changing for you.

Try to Work questions out of order 

Spending extreme time on the hardest problems simply means you may rush through the most convenient. Instead of working questions in proper order, you need to ask yourself if a question is a Do Now, Later, or even Never. Remember that no requirement to agonize such a decision can be made quite quickly:

  • Now : Does a specific question look okay? Do you feel you know how to perform it? Do it right away.
  • Later : is this question going to take a long time to work? Leave it and then come back to it later. You can circle the question number for quick reference.
  • Never : it is important that you know the topics that are your nastiest, and learn the signs that flash any sort of danger. Do not waste your time on questions you must never do. Instead, it would be nice if you use more time to answer the Now as well as Later questions precisely.

Pick a letter of the day 

Just because you do not really work a question doesn’t mean you don’t do answer it. There is no sort of penalty for wrong answers on the ACT, so you must never leave any sort of blanks on your answer sheet. Once you do guess on Never  questions, choose your favourite two-letter combo of answers and then glue with it. For example, always try to choose A/F or even C/H. In case you stay consistent, you are more probable to choose the points. The point is you should never waste your precious time on the ACT questions that you must never attempt. Even when you take up an act class, the professionals may share similar tip with you!

Leave the right answer, hunt the wrong ones.

Multiple-choice tests provide you with one great advantage: They provide the right answer right there on your page. ACT conceals the correct answer behind wrong ones, but once you cross out just one or two wrong or incorrect answers, the correct answer might turn out to be more obvious.

Understand the perfect way to bubble in.

In case you are tensed about accidentally filling in the wrong bubble on one of your answer sheet, such a tip will save your overall score. Work a page at a single time on English and Math and then a passage at a time on Reading and even Science. It is important that you circle your answers right on your booklet. Then, it is important that you transfer a page’s worth of answers to the answer sheet at even one time. It is better to remain concentrated on working questions rather than simply disrupt your focus to find where you left off on the overall scantron. 


So, whether ACT or SAT Prep, you have to be thoughtful about not just the preparation but performance too. Once you implement the discussed smart performance points on your test day, you can do wonders.