How Do Toll-Free Numbers Support Your Marketing Campaigns?

Toll-free number


Toll-free number service offers free communication between the customer and the business, where the cost of communication is taken by the business. Toll-free service is also known as free-phone services. Toll-free numbers are 10-digit phone number that begins with a specific three-digit code such as 800, 855, 833, or 888. It is not limited to any location. Toll-free service ensures free communication from any part of the world.

Three types of toll-free numbers support a business in the national and international markets. Toll-free number service is an easy communication tool that helps a business to establish market branding as well as easy market expansion. The toll-free service provider offers different packages and types of toll-free numbers. A business can choose the best toll-free number provider by comparing that meet the needs of the business.

The Features of Toll-Free Service that Supports Marketing Campaign

Marketing is key for any successful business. Toll-free number service helps a business to improve and strengthen marketing strategies. A toll-free number can be used to derive valuable insights into every call conversation that can be used to optimize marketing campaigns. With a toll-free number, as each call can be tracked, it can be used to analyze the calls, and check the quality, length, and also the caller’s activities during the conversation. Some features that support marketing campaigns are:

1. Call tracking: With toll-free numbers, call tracking and monitoring become easier. It can be used as a tool to check and track the return on advertising spent. The DNI enables the creation of a unique phone number that can be assigned to monitor each business campaign. Calls can be tagged as potential opportunities, spam, or conversion to check ROA. A business can easily track the amount of time each agent is pending on each call during a conversation. It can get in-depth details on the time of call, nature and type of resolution offered, the pattern of calls, etc. Toll-free numbers can be integrated with missed call solutions which can be tracked to monitor the number of missed calls in a day, during and time of the call in a day, etc.

2. Calling forwarding: Toll-free numbers allow to forward of calls directly to a single line that sends inbound calls to multiple lines at once. It helps to forward calls to receive or by the level of importance of the call. It also allows calls to be transferred to voice mail. Toll-free numbers can track quality assurance by recording all forwarded calls, transcribing calls as well as receiving calls analytics that includes the number of missed calls and call duration. Automated call forwarding helps a business to reduce call wait time for customers. It makes communication faster and adds valuable time for other productive work.

3. Call recording: All calls are recorded with the toll-free number service. It monitors calls from each end, the agents, and the customer. A toll-free number helps to save all recorded calls in the cloud database which can be used by a business in many ways. It can be the foundation of future marketing campaigns.

4. Call analysis: Call reports containing vital information about each call can be analysed that help to improve customer service and marketing strategies. Analysis can be used to monitor the day and time of each call to track the highest volumes, and location of each call in time zones. The duration of calls helps in optimizing campaigns. Call transcriptions can be used to trace keywords to improve customer satisfaction and market campaigns. Call recordings can be easily used to review past calls.


The toll-free service provider can help a business choose the best features for service delivery. A business can use the toll-free number to maximize customer delivery and strengthen marketing campaigns. As campaigns shape the success of any business and make a solid ground in the market, the toll-free number adds to the aim. The toll-free service provider can guide a business in using the features with optimization. Knowlarity is a leading toll-free service provider that offers customized packages at affordable prices. It offers monthly, and quarterly as well as customized packages. A toll-free number can also be integrated with other solutions that can further help a business to market campaigns.