Helpful Tips To Maintain Oral Hygiene In Toddlers

Oral Hygiene

Many parents struggle to maintain the oral health of their toddlers. When the baby is still on the bottle feed, many dental health issues may arise. Moreover, toddlers may develop cavities because of negligence by the parents. 

We often let our toddlers eat whatever they want and whenever they want. Although it is good practice for overall health, watching out for what they are eating and when they are eating can help you maintain their oral health as well. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to maintain the good oral health of your young ones. 

Clean Teeth As Early As Possible 

When your baby erupts their first tooth, you should celebrate the milestone. However, you should not forget that now you will have to incorporate dental care into the routine. Kids dentistry suggests that you should clean their teeth, even if there is just one, for now, every day. 

Toddlers have a good number of teeth that should be cleaned and brushed properly. Use low-fluoride toothpaste for your kid. Teach them to brush their teeth and spit.

Switch To Cup As Soon As Possible 

Your toddler should not go to bed with a bottle in their mouth. When you put your baby to sleep while giving them a milk bottle, some of the milk will remain in their mouth and teeth when they fall asleep. This milk can cause plaque buildup and cavities. 

You should teach your kid to drink from a cup once they are one year old. Switching to a cup has many benefits and maintaining good oral health is one of them. 

Avoid Feeding Too Much Sugar 

You should not give sugar or sugary beverages to your kids. Sugary food is not only bad for overall health but it can drastically affect oral health. When a toddler gets fond of chocolates, candies, sugary cookies, box juices, and even fresh fruit juices, they will not stop. High intake of sugar risks overall health as well as dental health. 

Plain water is the best drink you can give to your baby. For snacks, avoid packaged food that has high carbohydrate content in them. You should rely on fresh fruits and vegetables that are not harmful to dental health. Moreover, organic food is packed with the nutrition required for the maintenance of good oral health. 

Make Dental Appointments 

Lastly, you should always make an appointment for your toddler to get their teeth and gums checked. Find yourself a family dentist where you can get yourself and your kids checked. 

Getting your toddler’s teeth and gums cycles regularly can help you maintain good oral health. Your doctor may advise you on better ways to care for your toddler’s teeth. They may also tell you which toothpaste or toothbrush to use and which techniques to adopt so that you do not injure your baby’s soft gums. 

Final Words 

As a parent, you should always maintain your kids’ oral health by adopting good practices. Educate yourself about the best ways to care for your child’s oral health.