Fume Extra Vape: Important Maintenance Advice


Don’t you remember how exciting it was when you finally received your new vape? When it came, you must have been very happy to see how smooth and shiny it was. It is also the most advanced item of its kind on the market in terms of technology.

But after about two months of using your device, now and then, it’s dirty. It used to be much cleaner and nicer. It doesn’t do what it should. You might want to go out and buy a new one immediately but wait a minute. If you just began vaping, you need to control your addiction because you don’t know any better. Instead of throwing away your old vape, you could learn how to clean it.

If you want to use your Fume vape, vapebox, or vaporizer for a long time and have it work well, keep it in good shape. The hits will taste better if you take care of and clean your vaping device well. It’s all about getting the most flavor out of each puff, of the kind that you can do with a device that always works and looks brand new as long as you know how to maintain it and take care of it.

What Are The Different Parts Of A Vaper?

You need to know how your infinity vape works and what parts it has in order to keep it in good shape. There are three main parts to a vape pen:


Here is where you put e-juice. Most of the time, it is one unit with an atomizer.


A part that heats the e-liquid so it can turn into vapor.


The temperature and voltage of the device’s power source may be able to be changed. The battery is inside the case of a vape mod.

Box mods are made the same way, but their batteries are better, and their housing is bigger. Because it has more power, it can make more vapor, which gives the user a stronger throat hit. Also, the taste of the e-liquid for the Fume ultra vape gets better.

How Often Should A Vape Be Cleaned?

You’ll want to enjoy the new taste of your e-juice to the fullest extent possible and keep it from getting lost in the taste of the previous one you vaped. So, when you change e-juice flavors, it’s best to rinse and clean your device’s tank. You should also inspect your vape device once per week. At least once every few weeks, you should clean your device well.

Also, you’ll need to clean your device well if it’s not working as well as it should.

How to Clean Your Vape’s Tank

It’s a common error for people to refill their tank with fume vape e-liquid in a different flavor while still tasting the flavor they just used. You should clean your vape tank, so this doesn’t happen again. You can rinse your device, but sometimes you have to use alcohol to clean it.

  • Simple rinse
  • Get a bowl and put warm water in it.
  • Get rid of the tank in the mod.
  • Take out any e-liquid that is still in the tank.
  • Take the tank apart completely.
  • Put the parts of the tank into a bowl.
  • Wash these parts with water until they are clean. If the tank is very dirty, you can use a small amount of dish soap.
  • Use a paper towel to dry each piece.
  • Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes in the air.
  • Put the device and the tank back together.

With this simple guide on how to clean and care for your Fume extra vape, you can keep using it for years to come.