For bloggers, Instagram guides could be bad news

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You will be aware of the flurry of new features added to Instagram almost every month if you are an active user. Followers On Instagram

The pace of innovation has accelerated since the introduction of crucial elements such as Stories in 2016 and IGTV 2018, respectively. Click Here

We have been dealing with Reels, Shops

Guides this year, as well as Donation, Food Order, and Fundraiser stickers.

Stories were an already painfully unveiled feature that competed with Snap chat’s temporary and fleeting features. Followers On Instagram

IGTV was later added as a subtle attempt to replicate YouTube’s long-form video format. Now that Reels are available, Guides are another feature most people take for granted.

However, the format Guides may be replaced isn’t as obvious. You should continue reading if you identify yourself as a journalist or blogger in any way.

What exactly are Instagram Guides?

It allows users to find tips, recommendations, and other content from their favorite creators, public figures, and organizations on Instagram.

Guides can be described as a way to organize content. You select images or videos from Instagram and then write a paragraph to go with them. Guides are almost identical to a listicle, with an introductory paragraph and subheadings.

Some examples of Instagram Guides titles include “10 Instagrammable Places in Paris” and “The Biggest Social Media Moments of 2020”. These titles are very similar to those found in online articles.

A list of guides about travel in the Netherlands, as seen on Instagram in 2020
Instagram’s first guide was presented under the pretext of mental health awareness.

Instagram’s new Guides feature 2 was introduced in May 2020.

So we are first focusing on wellness content.” Instagram is not the first to announce new features using mental health as a distraction from its profit-driven motives. In November 2020, both Instagram 4 and Facebook 4 made available guides.

The announcement accompanied this that many countries would test keyword searches.5 Keyword search is a different type of search than the original Instagram search functions. It can either search for users’ accounts or search for hashtags.

Google searches are more popular if your blog article is higher in search results. This makes it more likely that someone will click on your paper if they search for it. Instagram is doing the same thing, with Guides competing for the top-ranking spots.

Search Engine Optimization:

The Power of Search Engine Optimization
Although it may seem like a minor change to strategy, those who write content for a living know the importance of this move. Instagram has now added SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is a technique used by journalists and bloggers to optimize websites and articles for keywords that rank highly in Google searches. Higher rankings in Google search (top) mean that more people will click on your paper if they do a Google search.

Instagram is doing the same thing, with Guides competing for the top Google search rankings.

Many users within my Instagram bubble have already adopted Guides without much thought. This feature could prove to be as revolutionary as Stories back in 2016. This is why I don’t use the term revolutionary” in an optimistic sense. Followers On Instagram

In the past few years, I have noticed an increase in content creation for Instagram over creating content for my blog. Instagram makes it easy to create articles using my Instagram posts as building blocks.

So why do I bother to make the same content for my blog?

Anyone can find all the articles they want within the Instagram app. Why would they have to go to my blog to get them?

What’s the point of Facebook?

What’s the deal with Facebook? Many content creators are happy to have ecommerce integrations that link directly to products in their Instagram posts. Is it wrong to blog on Instagram and Facebook instead of self-hosted blogs?

It’s been said before, but remember that your creativity and attention are the fees that pay for your Instagram and Facebook Subscriptions’. Even if you’re an influential businessman, it doesn’t matter. Followers On Instagram

Facebook will not allow you to make a profit if you publish a sponsored post on your blog. You control your content, the fee negotiations, and the data about your readers.

You can post sponsored content in the form of an Instagram Guide.

This transaction is done within the ‘Facebook bubble. By posting the guide, you are providing more Instagram users with ‘free’ content. This content will entertain and keep your followers coming back to Instagram. Followers On Instagram

Instagram users spend more time on the app, so there’s more time to show ads. This is good news for you as well as your followers.

Instagram Guides: What does it mean for traditional bloggers?

Independent Bloggers
All that additional activity on the app generates more data for Facebook to market. This is not the only problem: your content and platform will depend on you, which is constantly changing to make a profit. Followers On Instagram

On the other hand, a self-hosted website will not change unless you ask it to. Your content remains yours to keep. I have noticed that other people featured some of my Instagram posts in Guides. There is no way to delete my post.

All the extra activity on Instagram that would typically occur on your blog generates more data for Facebook to market. This is not the only problem: your content and platform depend on you.

Facebook’s Quest for a Super App

Let’s get to the point. Facebook Inc. is a power-hungry, hyper capitalist corporation that seeks to dominate and monopolize nearly all social media platforms online. Every action we take via smartphones must be done through a Facebook app. Followers On Instagram

These actions must be done within the “Facebook bubble,” and data can quickly be sold and collected. Targeted advertisements can also be squeezed into every corner of our digital environment: dating, shopping, calling grandma, blogging, etc.