Easy Way to Make Facebook Stories for Pages

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Making Facebook stories for your pages isn’t a burden. (followers on facebook)And it could be your best chance at being able to withstand the ever-changing algorithm.Facebook story for your pages are an effective way to engage with your audience both on mobile and desktop. They allow you to connect with those who haven’t received updates from you in many years.click here

Did you notice that stories are available on desktop and mobile devices? I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few stories on pages and even friends in the past.

If you are looking to make use of this lucrative real estate for business this is the perfect moment to start.

How to Create Facebook Stories for Pages

Facebook began rolling out stories for its pages toward the end of the year.

There are at minimum three ways to make Facebook stories for the pages at the time of writing. Each one has specific limitations.

Share Your Instagram Story

If you are using Instagram stories this is the best method of keeping your Facebook stories full.

As of the date this article’s publication date the option is currently only accessible to iOS users who have an account for business Instagram account.

From the profile page, go to the settings tab.

  • Click “Story Settings.”
  • Scroll down, and then switch on “Share Your Story To Facebook.”
  • iOS users can connect to their Instagram stories to the stories on their Facebook page.
  • iOS users can connect to their Instagram stories to their Facebook stories.

I like this method of making stories.

If you’re already comfortable using your Instagram stories interface there’s no need to learn anything completely.

The drawback to this technique is that it isn’t possible to see the stats on your Facebook stories the same way as when sharing them directly on Facebook.

From Your Mobile

Stories can be created for your Facebook page right via the Facebook application.

  • Right-click for the camera to be opened.
  • Design your story component.
  • Click “Next.”
  • Choose “Change” next to your profile picture on Facebook on the top of the page.
  • Choose the page you wish to add the story.
  • Click the Send icon.

Make use of the camera within your Facebook app to share stories to your Facebook page.

Utilize the camera within the Facebook app to post stories to your Facebook page.

This is the most efficient method to tell stories, but there’s a down side.

If you are using business Manager as your website’s administrator, and the page you have created is managed to your Business Manager You aren’t able to use this option. 

There’s no option to create stories in”Pages” to create stories “Pages” app to create stories as of yet. (Here’s an instructional guide if you need to remove your profile in the Business Manager.)

  • From Your Page
  • You can access your Facebook page via the mobile application for Facebook.
  • Simply click on “Add to story.”
  • Tell your story, or upload a picture or video.
  • Hit on the “Add to Story” button.

Include Facebook stories on your page by using the Facebook app.

You can add Facebook stories to your Facebook page using the app.

Like method 2, this method won’t work with pages created by the Business Manager. The option isn’t there, but when you click it to add your story to the application will stop working.

Benefits of Facebook Stories

Now that you are aware of how Should you try it? The process of creating Facebook stories for pages can be tedious.

A great story should include …

  • Video
  • Imagery
  • Text
  • Decoration.

If you’re determined to be successful you must plan your activities.

What’s the purpose of all this work?

1. Reach

Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Your customers are on Facebook however, it’s becoming more difficult to get them to see your content. In the current newsfeed update, great content may not be seen to your followers.

But stories still get seen. Your story will show up in the feed of stories on the upper right hand side of your screen, for the audience to view. It’s a great method to engage a bored audience.read more

2. The process of getting to get to know you

The days of corporate brands that were sharp on Facebook. If you want to get people to be engaged with your company then you’ll need to allow people to know more about the people who run it.

Stories allow us to reveal the inside track of the people and places, as well as the procedures you follow.how to get followers on facebook free

3. You are able to share more

Facebook experts differ about how often you should update the Facebook page.

I think less is better.

Too many posts in a single day can splinter the interest of your viewers Therefore, I suggest posting only one compelling post per day.

Others believe that it’s better to have more and recommend having a shared meal six or more times per day.

The best part with stories is you are able to be more prolific in sharing them. In reality, you have to keep your stories updated multiple times per day depending on the time you create the stories.

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