Does smoked salmon taste like lox?

Does smoked salmon taste like lox?
Does smoked salmon taste like lox?

I love lox. It’s the brine-cured salmon that you find in the supermarket, and it’s one of my favorite foods. But did you know that lox vs smoked salmon can also be cured? And if so, what’s the difference between the two? Let me explain!

Lox is the brine-cured salmon that you find in the supermarket.

It’s not smoked, hot or cold smoked, and it’s not sous vide—it’s just plain old lox.

The name comes from the original Jewish Ashkenazi immigrants who brought this food to America, where it has become one of our most popular snacks: “what is lox” means “salmon” in Yiddish and Russian languages. The dish was originally prepared as a delicacy for guests by curing their own fish at home according to family recipes passed down through generations; these days these traditions are still alive among families who make their own lox at home from sustainable sources like wild caught Alaskan salmon or Norwegian farmed pike perch (also known as eel).

Hot smoked salmon is cured, then cooked and smoked.

While lox is cured and smoked, hot smoked salmon is heated in a water bath before being cooked. Hot smoked salmon is more common in the US than lox and usually made with salmon fillets. The texture of hot smoked salmon is firmer than that of lox, which has a softer texture due to its longer curing process.

The differences between lox and hot smoked salmon can be seen in their color, texture and taste. Hot smoked salmon is usually lighter in color than lox, which has a deeper red-orange hue. It also has a firmer texture than lox due to its shorter curing process.

Lox cures for less time and has a more tender texture and milder taste.

Many people prefer the milder taste of lox over smoked salmon, which can be overpowering to some palates.

Lox is usually served with cream cheese, capers and onion on a bagel or in a lox bowl. It’s also used in many dishes, especially those that include pastrami.

A lox bagel isn’t a full meal like a smoked salmon bagel is.

Lox is a bagel topping, not a full meal. It’s small and portable—perfect for those who want to save their appetite for dinner or lunch but still want something salty and savory on their plates.

Smoked salmon is not the same thing at all. It’s thicker than lox, making it more filling (and therefore less snack-y). The fat content in smoked salmon makes up most of what you’re getting when you buy it in bulk at the grocery store: about 20% to 30% total fat content per pound of meat–which means that if you were to eat two slices of smoked salmon per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner combined…you’d end up consuming around 225 calories worth. If we may be of any similar assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected]).