Difference between Free SSL Certificate and Paid SSL Certificate


What is a Free SSL Certificate?

The world has now become highly technological, and people are benefiting more. Similar how technology evolved, more and more hacking and fraud incidents occur every day. As a result, the website’s owner is offering and worried about increased security. SSL certificates provide authentication for any additional website.

There are two different kinds of certificates: free and paid SSL certificates. As the name suggests, there is no payment associated with the free SSL certificate, and the certificates are freely available. On the other hand, one must pay for the paid certificate, which must be produced and signed by a trustworthy certificate Authority.

Every website must have complete security, and the owner can probably keep the site up to date with all available encryption. A free certificate authority has issued free SSL certificates, and it aims to give HTTPS access for all certificates.

What are Paid SSL Certificates?

One must secure their website and wishes to pay for it, and the paid certificate is issued by a reliable CA. It can be obtaining it from the Certificate Authority Website. On the other hand, you can purchase it via third-party businesses, such as resellers. Regarding security, nobody uses the free SSL certificate. The paid certificates are non-negotiable and are not permitted to transfer ownership to another party. The premium option is the greatest and best alternative in terms of safety.

What is the difference between Free SSL certificate and Paid SSL certificate?

There are various other differences between free and paid SSL. It will differ in the table format:

Free SSL certificatePaid SSL certificate
Do not come with the OV and EV certificates.It comes with the OV and EV options.
It does not validate anything apart from the business owners. It may come with the depth verification that carries out by the CA.
The certificates are issued only for 30- 90 days and want to renew.Issued for 1 to 2 years, not to be renewed.
There may not have any warranty.There have a warranty.


The SSL certificate in the modern day does not compromise web security and may be of great assistance to website owners. The purchased certificate is the most trusted and frequently used one for the e-commerce site, and it will provide the best assistance to the consumers, according to a broad comparison. Additionally, the site owner might find it to be more reliable. In conclusion, the purchased SSL certificate is the best option because it increases security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. So why wouldn’t I go with a free SSL certificate?

The SSL certificates are the best option for many website owners, and even many parties do not utilise free SSL certificates for a reason.

  • Enterprise companies
  • Government websites
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Non-tech Savvy site owners

Q2. What do paid SSL certificates offer that free ones do not?

Paid SSL certificates boost the algorithm and can provide high-level certificates with verified details. However, the various supports do not provide free SSL certificates.

Q3. Does obtaining a free or cheap SSL certificate prevent you from later upgrading to a better one?

Not at all; you are completely free to switch to a paid SSL certificate at any moment. Also, there are no limitations when upgrading from it.