Whether it is custom ideas or a small change like the color – customization can be helpful when trying to find something to stand out. At Blue Fire Signs, you can now get help finding custom sign ideas from our skilled professionals. With a wide range of custom sign services in Charlotte, NC, you will find it easier to fulfill your requirements.

With our experienced services, your business will only have to spend money wisely. So if you are looking for affordable custom sign solutions, bank upon us.


Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs are here to stay for a while. From being water-resistant to durability, acrylic signs are highly preferred for a reason. The transparent nature of it also makes it super suitable to light it up with any color of personal choice. What’s more? Since it’s easy to maintain, we have experience with many small businesses that find it easier to invest in acrylic signs.

Lobby Signs

Let us help you attract suitable attention from your audience or guests at the workplace. Lobby signs help your business with a professional look, show the essence of your business, and let people know who you are without many words.

Business Signs

Business signs are the ultimate way for people and customers to recognize or find your business. Whether changing location or renovating your existing storefront, business signs will always be necessary. With the help of our professionals, you will find it easier to get your business name, logo and taglines done like it is, and generally, we understand the specifics of it just by looking at your old design. Even if you are looking to redo it all, we are game!

Custom Signs

Over the years, custom signs have been helpful for more than just business purposes. When custom signs are not attracting prospects, they light up dim restaurant places or add vibes to individuals’ rooms. With our custom sign services – you can explore the materials and color of your signs and request us to do almost anything based on your preferences.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

Our POP services ensure two things – entertaining and helpful. In addition, POP displays can be customized to your requirements, whether it is a new service or product you are launching.

Lenticular Wall Displays

Want to invest better in custom signs? Lenticular wall displays can be a significant investment that helps businesses attract the attention of just about anyone passing by. Therefore, promotion with creative lenticular wall displays is always a good investment.

Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics might be another form of advertising, but they can also help choose routes or other important messages. But, of course, fleet graphics must be done right so that a passer-by can at least remember what to look for when passing up.


At BlueFire Signs & Graphics, we bring all services together for your business while creating a sign for you. We work with professionals like Graphic Designers, Architects, Commercial Interior Designers, Property Managers, Branding and Advertising Agencies, etc., to bring a suitable custom sign for your project. We have been in the signage business for many decades now. So we know how it is done well!

We make business signs for offices, commercial buildings, meeting areas etc. With our experienced project managers, creating meaningful custom signs in Charlotte, NC, is no more a hassle.

If you want a custom sign for your business, contact us for a free quote. You can speak to our specialists at (202) 609-9761. We are ready to handle your custom requirement. Are you ready to start?