Club America Vs Deportivo Toluca


Club America and Deportivo Toluca rivalry is among the most iconic in Mexican football. Their history is filled with drama and memorable moments, and their battles will continue to draw in viewers for years.

Both teams find themselves in difficult circumstances with only three points separating them at this time, needing a victory to stay alive for playoff contention.


Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline share one of Mexico’s longest running rivalries in Mexican football – one which has seen both teams square off on the pitch for decades, always producing highly anticipated matches between themselves.

Over time, their rivalry has only deepened; fans get to experience it first-hand at matches. Now one of Mexico football’s most thrilling and intense competitions, fans remain mesmerized by these epic shows.

America and Toluca have faced each other 188 times in official matches, with America winning 77 of them and Toluca 55 times; 56 matches saw draws.


Club America and Deportivo Toluca have long held one of the fiercest rivalries in Mexican football, dating back over 100 years and producing fierce matches every time they come head-to-head.

History between these two teams is long and distinguished, each boasting multiple championships over their respective histories. Club America remains Mexico’s most successful football club having won 13 league championships and seven Champions Leagues during their careers.

Deportivo Toluca has won both the Mexican League and Champions League four times each, becoming one of the country’s most acclaimed and beloved clubs.

Club America and Deportivo Toluca share an iconic rivalry that promises to continue for many seasons to come. Whether they play for bragging rights or the title itself, their intense rivalries ensure thrilling matches and keep fans on their toes throughout.

Betting odds

Club America are favorites against Deportivo Toluca, but their recent five games haven’t seen them dominate completely. Club America must utilize all its defensive skills in this matchup in order to achieve victory.

An exciting match between two powerful teams promises an intriguing contest, making this game both challenging and competitive. Betting odds for this matchup are quite intriguing and there is much to consider before placing your bets.

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Club America and Toluca will meet in an intense Liga MX Apertura 2022 semifinal matchup that could determine which side advances directly to the final. It’s scheduled for Estadio Azteca and you can watch it live in the US with fuboTV.


After winning their quarter-final games against Santos, Toluca will look to use home advantage against Club America. They won four out of their five matches at home during regular phase play – and will look to maintain this positive run into the postseason.

America have created several chances in this game and already made two shots on target – Alejandro Zendejas was denied his goal when Tiago Volpi saved one from Toluca goalkeeper Tiago Soto.

Home team Toluca will be determined to maintain their strong performance in Liga MX Apertura 2022, hoping to keep its winning formula alive while making their fans proud by defeating Toluca.

Home team Toluca have started this match off confidently and it appears they may take an early advantage before halftime. Although Toluca have taken an early 2-0 advantage, mistakes continue to plague them as mistakes continue to creep in at an alarming rate.