Chrisean Rock


Chrisean Rock is a well-known Instagram personality with an enormous following. Known for sharing content such as lifestyle videos and modeling images, she is well known for posting an array of posts including lifestyle videos.

She is both a singer and rapper, having released various singles and music videos such as Word to My Brother, Lonely Days Rainy Days and Adin Ross Disstrack.

She is a singer

Chrisean Rock Net Worth is a singer-songwriter with many popular singles under her belt such as Word to My Brother, Lonely and Rainy Days.

She has appeared in various TV shows and movies. Additionally, her videos on YouTube have amassed millions of views.

She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with 11 siblings – her father was in prison while her mother struggled with drug abuse.

Despite having had a difficult childhood, she maintains an optimistic personality and is known for being trustworthy and open.

Blueface and she have been dating for several years.

Relationship tensions appear to have become apparent as they battled on social media and engaged in physical altercations on August 2022.

Since their fights have subsided and they’ve released music together, fans remain concerned for their wellbeing.

She is a YouTuber

Chrisean Rock is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer from Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. She is best known for creating high-quality musical and lifestyle content on both YouTube and Instagram.

Early 2018 she launched a YouTube channel where she uploads both music videos and lifestyle vlogs, earning herself millions of followers worldwide.

Outside of YouTube, she also has a strong social media influencer presence and model status with an estimated net worth of $2 Million.

She is in a relationship with rapper Blueface. They regularly post pictures and videos of each other on social media, but haven’t always been best pals; one instance involved Rock getting physically into an altercation with Blueface.

She is a social media influencer

Chrisean Rock has become a prominent social media influencer through various platforms. She posts pictures of herself modeling clothes while sharing lifestyle content with her followers.

She works with brands on her Instagram page to promote various streetwear and swimwear lines.

She is also an independent musician who has released singles on YouTube such as Word to my Brother, Lonely and Rainy Days.

Her popularity stems largely from her relationship with rapper Blueface, an on-again/off-again relationship which has caused considerable debate and even drawn legal action from opponents of their relationship.

Since December, this couple has been embroiled in a wave of drama that has not won fans over. From being arrested after fighting publicly to throwing a vase at someone on social media – it seems they’ve caused chaos across the web!

Chrisean Rock remains immensely popular despite her many difficulties, earning significant income due to their supporters.

She is a model

Chrisean Rock has amassed an immense following on Instagram through her modeling pictures in swimwear and street wear brands as well as lifestyle content on her channel.

She was raised in Baltimore, Maryland as the 11th child. Her hardscrabble life story made an impressionable impression upon all who encountered her.

Her fame comes primarily through Blueface, who she often posts photos and videos of together on social media. But fans are divided on whether they should show support for them or point out any toxic behavior in them.

These two have an extremely toxic relationship, constantly fighting and exchanging insults on social media. Therefore, it is best to stay clear from this pair.