Check out the most amazing Social media Influencer Siew Pui YI who even appeared in the cover photo of the most prestigious magazine in the world


    The world has accepted that Social media influencers are the new generation of celebrities. Some are fortunate enough to work for the biggest brands in the world. Today, we will talk about the first south Asian social media influencer who has broken the records of popularity and is working for the biggest of brands. Check out some interesting facts about young Siew Pui Yi in this article.

    Some important facts about Siew Yui Pi:

    1. Siew Yui PI is an Asian beauty who rose to fame over social media. This young girl belongs to a lower-middle-class family. However, she instantly became a social media influencer because of her appealing clothes.
    2. When it was very rare for an Asian girl to appear in a world-famous magazine, Siew Yui Pi became the first woman to appear in a worldwide popular magazine called Penthouse.
    3. Moreover, Siew Yui PI is popular for wearing appealing clothes and a seductive body. However, one of her photos broke the internet when she wore the south asian’s traditional dress and showed off her undies simultaneously. 
    4. Siew is a Malaysian girl and wore a traditional Malaysian dress with slits on both sides. However, she got lots of criticism when she showed off her undergarments.
    5. This traditional Malaysian dress we are talking about is the symbol of femininity that came into existence in the 18th century. This dress is called Ao Dai, which is more like a long shirt with slits on the side. Usually, the dress comes with a bottom too. However, Siew Yui PI did not wear any.
    6. After seeing a lot of criticism of her dress, she finally deleted it from the internet. Also, she even apologized to her followers for disrespecting her traditional attire.
    7. Siew Yui PI was not born with a silver spoon. It is all her hard work that makes her an internet sensation. Moreover, Siew had a difficult childhood as she was born in a family with an economic crisis. Her father worked as a salesperson in a small company, and her mother was a hawker.
    8. Things got worse at home when Siew’s father lost his job, and her mother had to work hard to put food on the table.
    9. During an interview, Siew told various things about her childhood. She mentioned that it was not easy to complete her education. When children used to buy toffees and chocolates, she struggled to buy basic stationery as her family could not afford any of these.
    10. However, her circumstances improved when she got a break at 15. A management firm discovered the young talent. Since then, Siew Yui Pi has been climbing the ladder of success daily.
    11. Furthermore, Siew Pui Yi has worked with several big bands and even appeared in several popular music videos. She also did several ads, bikinis, and catalog shoots. 
    12.  Siew once got into controversy when her account was hacked, and her nudes went viral over the internet. Even someone asked for ransom. However, she sorted it all out and decided to move on. This is when Siew started her cosmetics brand MsPuiyi and worked hard to establish her brand in the market.

    In the end, I hope you find the article worth reading. Thank you and take care!