A Perfect Tool for Big Shows: Light Sky Beam Spot Wash


Nearly every manager and agent who works in production for theaters, television, and international events must come up with a fresh concept for lighting setup. To ensure you receive the best lighting possible, from the start of setup through the transition, this article explains how to use the LED beam spot wash.

What exactly is a beam spot wash?

On stage, stunning visual effects can be produced using a particular kind of light source called a beam spot wash. It can be set up to show different colors, patterns, or motions. You can add elements to your performance, produce a dramatic effect, and even enhance the effectiveness of your show with its help.

Beam Spot Wash Benefits for Big Shows

The following benefits can be obtained when using a beam spot wash in large shows:

-A swinging beam that can be adjusted is brought to the stage by Rich Spots.

The beam’s swing can be changed based on the needs of the performance. You can make it move up, down, or even in circles on stage for a stunning visual effect. Additionally, it can have an impact outcome and give your audience a memorable experience.

-Colors should be rendered effectively for the stage effect.

It can produce stunning and vibrant colors on stage thanks to the beam spot wash’s ability to render colors effectively. It can be set up to show multiple colors or designs at once. With the help of this, you can create a stunning visual effect for your show.

– reduce the use of energy

The beam spot wash can simultaneously give your stage a variety of colors and patterns, so you won’t need to invest in additional lighting equipment for your performance. As a result, your show may consume less energy. Additionally, the beam spot wash from Light Sky can produce a powerful beam of light while using less energy. Since it doesn’t require the use of batteries or generators, it is the ideal choice for stage performances.


The ideal tool for major shows is Light Sky beam spot wash. With its strong jet spray, it quickly and easily removes dirt, dust, and debris, making it a great option for productions that need to keep their equipment clean and always looking impeccable. Additionally, stage managers and other production staff members like its sleek design, which makes it a popular choice.