7 Strategies to Get Past Typical Obstacles in General Chemistry Learning 


According to C&EN due to its importance in various areas of science, like medicine general chemistry is a key subject taught in many universities, which makes one of the biggest classes available.

An analysis of student records over the course of 15 regular chemistry courses at an institution found that more than 250,000 students attended at least one course from the general chemistry sequence of three courses between 2001 and 2016. The study did not take into account students who took only one course within the sequence.

When you’re in the middle of a general chemical course it’s likely that you’re feeling stress. It’s an essential course for establishing the foundation for various other classes and majors. How do keep yourself motivated when confronted with the task of learning the basics of chemistry?

Understanding the Language of Chemistry

One of the biggest challenges when learning about general Chemistry is figuring out the language that is used in the field. Chemistry comes with its own collection of formulas, symbols and terms, which could be daunting for novices. It is essential to know the meaning behind the chemical formulas and symbols along with the formulas employed in chemical equations to be able to comprehend the subject.

In addition, mastering the periodic table can be vital in understanding the characteristics of elements and their interactions. The best way to conquer this issue is to regularly practice and get help from your tutors or teachers if you need it.

Grasping Abstract Concepts

Another problem that students face when studying general chemistry is understanding abstract concepts. Chemistry requires knowing the behaviour and interactions of microscopic particles that aren’t apparent by the human eye. This can be challenging for students who find it difficult to conceptualize or comprehend these abstract concepts.

To get over this hurdle Students should concentrate on establishing a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and fundamentals of Chemistry. Visual aids, such as diagrams and animations could aid in understanding abstract concepts. Students should also solve problems and work to improve their understanding of the matter.

Managing Math and Calculations

Calculations and math are essential to general chemistry, which makes it a difficult subject for certain students. From the balance of chemical equations to calculating reactions, this subject requires a solid base in math.

One method to tackle this issue is to keep practicing regularly and get help from tutors or teachers if you require. Students can also utilize online resources, such as software for math and chemistry, which help them understand complicated concepts and complete calculations with greater efficiency.

Another effective strategy is to break problems down into smaller, easier to manage pieces and then employ techniques for problem solving like the dimensional analysis.

Finding Resources and Support

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to learning general chemistry is locating the appropriate resources and assistance. It can be challenging to comprehend complex concepts without access to high-quality educational materials as well as a system of support that can guide you through the difficult topics. There are a lot of sources available to assist students get through this obstacle.

General Chemistry websites for learning online are an ideal choice for students who want to learn the subject of chemistry. They have access to an abundance of sources, such as video lectures, practice problems along with interactive simulations. One on-line resource would be Proprep. It has educational tools that include videos tutorials, exercises and study guides to aid students in their learning general chemical concepts.

Platforms such as Proprep provide personalized tutoring to help students learn general chemical concepts. In addition, students can receive assistance through their school’s tutoring department or educational resource centers, study groups for chemistry and private tutors.

Time Management

A good time management system is crucial to mastering the general chemical concepts. It requires constant efforts to practice, study, and time to grasp the concepts and learn formulas. To effectively manage their time students must develop plans for their studies and prioritize their work.

Readwrite reports that use the Pomodoro method is a well-known productivity technique that helps people with efficiently managing their time. This method is based on breaking down the available time or tasks into 25-minute time intervals, also known as Pomodoros which are followed by five minutes of break.

Every four Pomodoros, longer breaks of 15 to 20 minutes is suggested. If this is followed it allows people to concentrate on their particular tasks, and also take frequent breaks to recharge and refresh their bodies and minds.

The process of breaking down large topics into subtopics that are smaller and revisiting them on a regular basis can also assist in managing time and keep up to date with the latest information.

Memorizing Information

Learning to memorize information is a crucial element of learning general chemical. There are a variety of strategies students can employ to boost their memory, including recall, summarizing, or making visual aids. Flashcards and mnemonics could also be efficient tools for retaining math formulas as well as equations.

Students must also comprehend the meaning behind the information they’re learning, in order to aid in retention. Regular self-testing and review sessions will help to reinforce the information stored in the brain and prevent the memory from becoming lost. It is essential to not cram because this could result in short-term memory loss and interfere with long-term learning.

Staying Motivated

Maintaining motivation is a crucial element in the success of studying general chemical. It takes a substantial amount of effort, time and commitment to learn the concepts in a way that is effective. To keep oneself focused, it is vital to establish achievable targets, monitor the progress made, and reward yourself when you reach the milestones.

As per researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, the best way to stay focused is to participate in discussions in the classroom and actively participate in discussions to stay focused on your content and to make connections. It is possible to establish friendships with your professor as well as others students as well.

Be prepared to attend class. This can make it easier to ask questions about the material you are studying. You are able to participate in discussions with others by sharing your ideas or opinions. If speaking out in class is a challenge Practice asking questions or discussing thoughts in front of the mirror at home to increase confidence in yourself.


As you will observe, general chemistry can be an intimidating subject to master. But, with the proper approach and plan the process can be made simpler for your own. If you take advantage of these tips today, you’ll be on the way to mastering this subject.