3mm Aluminium Sheets – All You Need to Know

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Aluminium sheets are probably one of the most commonly used materials in the world. In fact, if you live in Australia and use something every day, it’s likely that it has been made using aluminium sheets to some degree or other. This includes car parts such as wheels and motor bodies, windows, doors and even appliances like microwaves and fridges.


Henan Huawei Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of 3mm aluminium sheets, offering an extensive range of quality materials for various applications. As a leading global producer and supplier of aluminum sheet, Henan Huawei Aluminum offers the most comprehensive range of 3mm aluminium sheets available in the industry. With its wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, Henan Huawei Aluminum has something to suit any application. From lightweight parts to heavy-duty construction, Henan Huawei Aluminum’s 3mm aluminium sheets can offer superior strength and durability. From ultra-thin sheets to larger, heavier gauge sheets, Henan Huawei Aluminum can provide the perfect solution for your project.


Aluminium sheet of 3mm thickness is a commonly used product from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co. Ltd. Aluminium sheets are popular due to their light weight and durability, making them an ideal material for a variety of applications. They can be used in industries ranging from automotive to construction.

Henan Huawei Aluminum’s 3mm aluminium sheets are made with high quality material and are designed to meet international standards. The 3mm sheets have a high corrosion resistance, making them perfect for use outdoors or in humid climates. The sheets also have excellent mechanical properties, such as good workability, weldability and formability. The sheets are lightweight yet strong and are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Overall, Henan Huawei Aluminum’s 3mm aluminium sheets provide an excellent option for any project that requires strength and durability. With their superior properties and quality, these sheets will ensure your project is completed successfully and to the highest standards.


Henan Huawei Aluminum is a leading Chinese aluminum manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production of 3mm aluminium sheet. Their comprehensive selection of products includes a variety of thicknesses, alloys, and finishes that offer excellent performance for a wide range of applications. With a wide range of quality assurance protocols, Henan Huawei Aluminum ensures that each sheet is created with superior craftsmanship and superior quality materials to guarantee the best product possible. Whether you’re looking for lightweight or strong and durable aluminum sheets, Henan Huawei Aluminum has the perfect product for you. Their 3mm aluminium sheets are ideal for residential and commercial projects, as well as a variety of industrial uses.


Henan Huawei Aluminum is one of the leading suppliers of 3mm aluminium sheets. As a specialist in aluminum products, they offer a wide range of 3mm aluminium sheets in a variety of alloys and tempers. The Henan Huawei Aluminum team are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products that meet all industry standards.

When selecting 3mm aluminium sheets, it is important to consider the temper. Tempers can range from soft to hard, making them suitable for a variety of applications. The most common temper used is the O temper, which refers to annealed, or untreated aluminium sheet. Other tempers such as H12, H14, and H16 are used to create harder and stronger sheets.

When ordering from Henan Huawei Aluminum, customers can be assured that they will receive top-quality 3mm aluminium sheets with consistent thickness and strength. They also provide detailed product specifications for each alloy and temper, ensuring that customers get exactly what they need for their projects.


Henan Huawei Aluminum is one of the leading suppliers of 3mm aluminium sheet in China. The aluminum sheet comes with superior properties like high strength, lightweight, high corrosion resistance and superior malleability. The superior malleability of the 3mm aluminium sheet allows it to be easily bent, cut and formed into various shapes without cracking or losing its strength. Furthermore, Henan Huawei Aluminum offers an array of sizes, thicknesses and alloys that are sure to meet your requirements. You can also choose from a variety of finishes, including brushed and anodized finishes. With such a wide selection of options, you can find the perfect 3mm aluminium sheet for your project.