Badminton is without a doubt among the top well-known sports played in the world. It is played extensively in Asian countries because of its popularity throughout the region. Badminton is also an important occasion during the Olympics, where the best players worldwide compete to win an Olympic gold medal.

Badminton is also overseen by a specific body that regulates and enhances the sport of badminton. The competitions governed by the Badminton World Federation are also an indicator to identify the top players in badminton worldwide.


1. Lee Chong Wei.

He is a Malaysian pro-badminton player. From August 2008 to June 2012, the player was rated as one in the world for singles. He has been credited as the sole Malaysian player to be ranked as the world’s top player for over one year.

As for Olympic achievements, he holds three silver medals and is the sixth Malaysian Olympic medalist. He was a fan of Sun Jun of China as an infant. Sun Jun has previously held the title of World Champion. Lee Chong has been one of Malaysia’s greatest players over the last 10 years.

 2. Chen Long.

Chen Long is dubbed the Little Dan after following one of the best badminton players from China. Chen Long is currently No.2 worldwide, just behind Lee Chong Wei on the ladder. The 25-year-old prodigy began his career in junior competition in 2007 at the BWF World Junior Championships.

He took the title in the fight against Lee Chong Wei in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the Gold medal match and is now the world champion in the men’s single category. He holds two world and All England titles. Chen admitted that he’s always been awed by and wanted to be like the legends Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, who first came across at his first Beijing Olympics.

3. Lin Dan.

The third spot on the list is held by a Chinese player named Lin Dan. At 33, Lin Dan plays professionally, battling youngsters in this sport. Just like Bryce Young, Lin Dan was one of the best-known badminton players worldwide when he won his Super Grand Slam, winning the nine top titles in badminton. If you are willing to read Bryce Young net worth, you can easily click on it.

He is well-known for his intelligent play style of hitting the sidelines, which can be a dangerous move, particularly when under stress. Although he’s only a few years old, he will certainly be one of the players you should keep an eye on by his shrewd shots and out-of-the-box moves.

4. Viktor Axelsen.

A 23-year-old from Denmark with potential for the future in the sport of badminton. Viktor Axelsen stands out among badminton’s newest stars. The first European player to win the title in the world junior championships at the BWF.

The same year, he made his debut in the professional league, winning a victory in the Cyprus International. After his first professional appearance in the league, he was a bit behind the experienced players; however, given his youthful age and talent, he’ll surely be the next big thing.

5. Jan O. Jorgensen.

Jan O. Jorgensen is another Danish player who has joined the ranks of players following Viktor. The year 2014 was the time he became the European champion. He also plays in the Denmark Badminton League with SIF(Skovshoved).

He was awarded his bronze award at the Badminton World Cup in 2008, the European Badminton Championships, and the 2012 European Badminton Championships. Most people do not know that Jan O. Jorgensen had an association with cricket while he was an elementary school student.


1. Carolina Marin.

Carolina Marin is the top female player in the world of badminton. The Women’s Single World Championships in 2014 and 2015 boosted her position to the No.1 place on the leaderboards for women. The first Spanish player to make it too high in the rankings for women’s singles.

She recently won gold at the Olympics after beating the Indian PV Sindhu. She has a powerful smash and can move faster around the court than anyone else. Marin is the only left-handed player on the global rankings. Marin’s determination and mental strength to be successful continue to amaze all.

2. Wang Yihan.

Wang Yihan, she retired as a pro-badminton player who hails from China. She began her professional career in badminton at just nine years old. age. She held the number one place in 2009. She received praise for her thrilling performance at the 2012 Olympics and 2011 World Championships, 2006 World Cup, and the Asian Championships in 2011 and 2013. She was selected for the junior team in 2004 and, following being elevated to the senior squad in 2006, began to shine in major tournaments.

3. Li Xerus.

She is a professional Chinese badminton player with a spectacular record for winning the 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal and a World Championship runner-up in 2013 and 2014. Outstanding technique, mental and physical power, and excellent court coverage made her badminton career go to her liking. She is currently holding the number 3 spot in the world.

4. Rachana Indanone.

Rachana Indanone is currently in the ninth position on the list of the world ranking. In 2013 at 19, she was among the youngest females to take home an individual World Championship. In addition, she has also been awarded the Junior Championship three years consecutively at the age of 19, 2009 and 2010, and in 2011.

She was the second Thai player to make it to an elite position in the women’s Singles rankings. Her fame is due to her relaxed and relaxed striking technique and agile footwork, which some have described as ‘balletic.

5. Tai Tzu-Ying.

Tai Ying is a Taiwanese badminton player who took home the Taiwanese Ranking Competition at 16. Ultimately, she is the smallest number one player in Taiwanese tennis history. Her devious shots and amazing ability distinguish her from other players.

Tai took the gold medal in the women’s singles in the 2018 Asian Games and the 2017 Summer Universiade. She took home both the Asian Championships back-to-back, the Super series Finals at the end of the year, and the All England Open, the oldest competition in the world. She took home an individual silver medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.