How to Write a Literature Review Student’s Guide

How to Write a Literature Review Student’s Guide

What does a literature review serve as a vehicle for?

To place your study inside the body of knowledge, you’ll probably need to do a literature review while writing a thesis, dissertation, or research paper. Using the literature review, you can:

  • Show that you are knowledgeable about the subject and the scholarly background.
  • Create a theoretical framework and a research technique.
  • Consider how your work compares to those of other scholars and theorists.
  • Show how your study fills a gap or advances a discussion.

Analyze the research’s present condition and show that you are knowledgeable about the academic discussions surrounding your chosen issue. Get Dissertation help online at  Dissertation Sky.

If you want to apply to graduate school or pursue a career in research, being able to write literature reviews is a skill that you should really work on developing. Below is a step-by-step instruction manual that you may use.

Literature review examples

Writing a literature review may be quite difficult. Depending on the type of literature review you want to write, looking at some samples could be a good place to start.

  • “Literature review as a research methodology: An overview and guidelines” is an example of a second literature review. (Methodological literature survey on the creation and development of transdisciplinary knowledge.)
  • “The Use of Technology in English Language Learning: A Literature Review” is an example of a third-person literature review. (Thematic literature review on how technology affects language learning.)
  • “Learners’ Listening Comprehension Difficulties in English Language Learning: A Literature Review” is an example of a literature review (Chronological literature review about how the concept of listening skills has changed over time.)

Visit the links below to examine our templates with sample outlines and literature review samples.

Step 1: Look up pertinent literature

You need to have a certain theme in mind before looking for books. Are you looking to Write my dissertation UK? Contact us at Dissertation Sky.

You will look for literature that is relevant to your research topic and questions if you are writing the literature review portion of a dissertation or research paper.

Examples of research questions based on literature

What effect does social media have on Generation Z’s body image?

Create a keyword list.

Make a list of keywords associated with your research subject to start. Include all of the major ideas or factors that interest you, as well as any related terms and synonyms. As you uncover additional terms throughout your literature search, you may add to this list.

Examples of keywords

  1. Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok
  2. Self-perception, mental health, and body image
  3. youths, young adults, and members of Generation Z
  4. Look for pertinent sources

To start your source search, use your keywords. Among the helpful databases to utilize while looking for journals and papers are:

  • The catalog of the library at your school
  • JSTOR Google Scholar
  • Mission Muse (humanities and social sciences)
  • Medline (life sciences and biomedicine) (life sciences and biomedicine)
  • EconLit (economics)
  • Inspec (physics, engineering, and computer science)
  • Boolean operators can also be used to help you focus your search.
  • To determine whether an article is pertinent to your query, read the abstract carefully. When you locate a helpful book or article, you may look up other pertinent sources in the bibliography.

Step 2: Select and evaluate sources

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll have time to read everything that has been written on your subject, you’ll need to decide which sources are most important to your research issue.Law dissertation topics are available at Dissertation Sky.

For each publication, ponder the following:

  1. What issue or issue is the author trying to solve?
  2. What are the main ideas and what do they mean?
  3. What are the main concepts, theories, and techniques?
  4. Does the study employ tried-and-true paradigms or adopt a novel strategy?
  5. What are the study’s findings and recommendations?
  6. How does the book compare to other works in the field? Does it support, bolster, or contradict previously held beliefs?
  7. What are the research’s advantages and disadvantages?

Ensure that the sources you rely on are reliable, and read any seminal works and important theories in your field of study.

Keep a journal and reference your sources.

It is advisable to start writing as you read. Make notes that you may use to support your literature evaluation later on.

To prevent plagiarism, it’s crucial to maintain track of your sources through citations. Making an annotated bibliography, where you gather complete citation details and write a paragraph of summary and analysis for each source, might be beneficial. By doing so, you can recall what you read more easily and expedite the procedure afterward.

Step 3: Highlight key issues, disagreements, and gaps

Make sure you comprehend the links and linkages between the sources you’ve studied before you start constructing the thesis and structure of your literature review. You can look for: based on your reading and notes.

Trends and patterns (in theory, procedure, or outcomes): Do some methods gain or lose favour over time?

Themes: What issues or ideas appear repeatedly in the literature?

Where are there disputes, disagreements, and inconsistencies between the sources?

Important publications: Have any hypotheses or research had a significant impact on the field’s course?

What are the gaps in the literature? Are there any areas that require improvement?

Write a review of the literature.

Your literature review should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, just like any other academic document. The goal of your literature review will determine what information you include in each.


The emphasis and goal of the literature review should be made very apparent in the opening.


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