How many days notice must be given to evict?


A vacated” notice is an eviction notice that the law firm serving you issued. This is done to tell you that your time as a tenant has ended. A landlord can serve a vacated” notice on you at any time. A landlord can evict a tenant at any time if he or she gives a tenant a 10 day or 5 day notice before the eviction.

Once the landlord serves you with a 10 day or 5 day notice, your lease contract will automatically end. So, if Vacant notice you are given the 5 day notice, you have 10 days to vacate. If you don’t vacate the property, your landlord can begin foreclosure proceedings.

You will lose your right to appeal the ruling and the eviction. If your landlord files for a foreclosure, you will receive a letter telling you that your lease has ended. At this point, the property will be offered for sale. If the property is purchased and sold to a new owner, you are considered to be a holdover and must pay a penalty to get out of the rental agreement. If you are a tenant in North Carolina, you have 15 days to appeal the ruling and vacate the property.